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    What is Nonprofit Insurance?

    Every organization’s insurance needs differ. However, nonprofits can face unique risks that set them apart from other types of small businesses. Along with needing coverage for property damage and personal injury, nonprofits often work with vulnerable populations like the elderly or children. This means additional coverages should be considered to ensure they can properly protect their people, assets and continue to fulfill their missions.

    In our latest video, meet three AmTrust insured nonprofits in Chicago and find out how they are making a difference in their communities.
                                    Nonprofits Chicago Video

    Why Choose AmTrust for Nonprofit Insurance

    With access to our large portfolio of competitively priced nonprofit specialty insurance products and services, AmTrust agents are uniquely able to address the special challenges that nonprofits and government employers face. AmTrust Nonprofit Insurance provides all lines of insurance coverage specifically tailored to the needs of nonprofit organizations.

    AmTrust acquired First Nonprofit Insurance Company in 2013, quickly making us a dominant player in the nonprofit insurance field. Currently, more than 3,300 nonprofit and governmental organizations, employing hundreds of thousands of people, rely on AmTrust for their insurance needs.
    AmTrust’s Preferred Nonprofit Organizations

    The nonprofit sector is a large and diverse one, and we understand that agents succeed when they have the flexibility to meet the specific needs and expectations that each individual organization has. Our coverages for nonprofit organizations were created with their specific exposures and needs in mind. In addition to our nonprofit specialty coverage, we offer a management liability product that encompasses director and officer liability, fiduciary, cyber liability, and employment practices liability.

    We also recognize that nonprofits are continuously engaged in fundraising activities and our special events coverage secures those activities. Finally, AmTrust is able to offer our renowned workers’ compensation coverage  to most types of nonprofit organizations. The robust product offerings, advanced tools and industry expertise of AmTrust empowers our appointed agents to offer policyholders the flexibility and freedom they need to select a coverage option that works for them.

    Our preferred nonprofit organizations include:
    • Social Service Organizations-drug rehab centers, mental health organizations, group homes, homeless shelters/women’s shelters
    • Religious organizations, including churches, synagogues, temples, mosques, and religious orders
    • Private, charter, and vocational/trade schools
    • Senior centers and adult day service providers
    • Preschools and day care operations
    • Food banks, food pantries, Meals on Wheels
    • Goodwill stores
    • Humane societies
    • Youth programs, YWCAs, Boys & Girls Clubs
    • Community theaters and musical performance
    • Cultural and ethnic awareness groups, humanities organizations, historical societies
    • Many others
    We generally do not insure organizations working in the following fields:
    • Political advocacy and activism
    Nonprofit Insurance Product Forms

    To apply for any of our nonprofit insurance lines of coverage, please download and complete the appropriate application listed below and email nonprofit@amtrustgroup.com or fax to 312-930-0375. If you have any questions, please call the phone number posted on the application. We look forward to working with you.

    Nonprofit Application
    Nonprofit Renewal Application 
    Social Service Application 
    Religious Institutions Supplemental Application 
    Sheltered Workshops Application 
    Fundraiser Application 
    Management Liability Applications - All Products 
    Management Liability Applications - Short Form for D&O and EPL 
    Management Liability Applications - Subsidiary Supplement 
    Management Liability Applications - Renewal 
    Management Liability Applications - Claims Supplement 
    Management Liability Applications - Reduction in Force Supplement

    With a comprehensive suite of coverages, our appointed agents have the confidence and flexibility to offer their nonprofit clients the perfect insurance solutions to help support their respective missions.
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    What Does Nonprofit Insurance Cover?

    AmTrust’s nonprofit specialty program provides targeted coverages to meet the needs of the nonprofit community. No other nonprofit insurance company brings the dedication and experience we have to your nonprofit clients.
    Our Nonprofit Insurance lines include:
    • General Liability
    • Property
    • Professional Liability
    • Management Liability
    • Automobile
    • Umbrella
    • Directors and Officers Liability
    • Workers' Compensation (underwritten regionally)
    Submission Requirements
    • All pertinent ACORD and supplemental applications, we also accept other carriers' applications
    • Audited year-end financial statement (or Form 990 if the organization does not have a year-end statement)
    • Loss history for the last  five years
    • Schedule of drivers and vehicles, including VINs and seating capacity
    Submit to: nonprofit@amtrustgroup.com
    Product Specialty

    Our appointed agents fully understand the unique risks nonprofits face, and we deliver an unbeatable combination of sound coverage, stable pricing and exceptional service to both our insureds and our agents. As a specialist in the nonprofit industry, we offer customized products focused and specific to the needs of each organization, including:
    • Social Services Professional Liability
    • Primary Liability Insurance
    • Pastoral Liability
    • Teachers' Liability
    • Abuse and Molestation
    • Incidental and Vicarious Medical Liability
    • Special Events Liability

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