• Transportation Insurance

    AmTrust's commercial transportation insurance coverage provides both large and small truck fleet owners with the peace of mind they need to keep freight moving quickly and on time.

    Ability to insure both large and small truck fleet sizes makes our transportation insurance easy to market.

    Emphasis on low-risk companies ensures financial stability for AmTrust and better commissions for agents.

    AmTrust and Transportation Insurance

    Everyday millions of trucks traverse America's roads and highways, transporting the products that keep the economy moving. With more than 70 percent of all freight tonnage in the United States carried by trucks, insurers play a crucial role in an industry that employs millions of people and keeps our shops and warehouses stocked.

    Our appointed agents assure fleet owners that an accident or mechanical issue won't put their operations in trouble. Our fleet and transportation insurance coverage line options offer major benefits that agents trust to keep fleet owners across the country protected. As an AmTrust agent, you will help protect America's trucking fleets while enjoying the benefits as an AmTrust appointed agent.

    Transportation Insurance

    Benefits for Agents

    In addition to our competitive commissions, you will enjoy direct underwriter access when you become an appointed AmTrust agent. With direct access you will be able to generate quotes and respond to claims faster. Direct access also gives the insured a greater sense of security knowing that you can be relied upon to deal with inquiries and settle any issues they may have in a timely manner.

    Truck Fleet Insurance

    Benefits of AmTrust's Transportation Insurance Coverage

    AmTrust provides insurance for small and large commerical fleets, from trucking companies serving local areas to those that cover the entire country. Because we can insure all fleet sizes, our agents have the flexibility of being able to market our product to a wide range of businesses. We understand the complex logistics of running a large trucking fleet, while also offering a line of coverage suited for small fleets of less than 20 units.

    Our preferred exposures are generally low risk, such as dry van, cargo, intermodal, and refrigerated trucks. We avoid riskier exposures such as cattle and livestock, garbage haulers, and sand and gravel trucks. Focusing on low-risk exposures helps keep our premiums competitive while also maintaining profitability for our company and our agents.

    The product we offer can also be tailored to fit the demands of individual fleets. We provide $1 million Combined Single Limit auto liability for fleets with the ability to write up to $2 million. Additionally, while our maximum coverage for motor truck cargo is $250,000, we can customize this figure for loads that are valued lower. Our full line of coverage for both large and small fleets includes:

    • Auto Liability
    • Auto Physical Damage
    • General Liability
    • Motor Truck Cargo
    • Trailer Interchange
    • Hired/Non-Owned

    Finally, with assets totaling more than $17.1 billion, AmTrust is a reputable and financially sound company that both agents and policyholders can rely upon. Our company has an "A-" (Excellent) rating from A.M. Best, meaning the fleet owners we insure rest easy knowing that their business's insurance needs are in safe hands. As an AmTrust agent, knowing that the product you are marketing is backed by a highly rated and financially stable company makes your job easier and more satisfying.

    Benefits of AmTrust's Transportation Coverage

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