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    You Have Choices with Our Payment Options


    AmTrust makes it easy for our insureds to make workers' compensation payments and more through a wide
    variety of options.

    AmTrust NA Payment Options

    • Check
    • AmTrust AutoPay (direct debit/EFT) *
    • Credit Card (online or by phone) – MasterCard®, Discover®, VISA® and American Express® accepted
    • Electronic Check (online or by phone)
    • Pay-As-You-Owe® (PAYO®) – applies only to workers' compensation policies
    • Monthly Self Reporting – applies only to workers' compensation policies
    *NOTE: AmTrust AutoPay requires a minimum premium of $600

    AmTrust NA Payment Plans

    • 12 equal consecutive monthly installments – AmTrust AutoPay (direct debit) only*
    • 10 equal consecutive monthly installments
    • 25% down payment plus 8 equal consecutive monthly installments
    • 25% down payment plus 5 equal consecutive monthly installments
    • 25% down payment plus 3 equal consecutive monthly installments
    • 40% down payment plus 3 equal quarterly installments
    • 50% down payment plus 1 consecutive month installment
    • Pay in full
    *NOTE: AmTrust AutoPay requires a minimum premium of $600. Some payment plans require a minimum premium amount to qualify.  This is determined during the underwriting and policy quote process.

    More About Our Payment Options

    Let’s take a closer look at some of the ways AmTrust simplifies the payment process for our insureds:


    Easy Pay

    Easy Pay makes it simple for policyholders to pay their insurance premiums online with a credit card or electronic check. There’s no login required – just click the button below and enter the policy number to get started.

    AmTrust AutoPay

    Why worry about writing a check every month? Our direct debit payment option automatically withdraws from the designated bank account.

    To sign-up, log into AmTrust Online and click “Register.” Once registered, navigate to the menu item to sign-up for Direct Debit. Complete the needed information and payments will begin being automatically deducted each month. AmTrust AutoPay requires a minimum premium of $600.

    Online Payment

    Busy schedules call for flexibility. AmTrust offers that flexibility with 24/7 online payment for insurance premiums.

    Signing up is simple. Click on "Register" in the AmTrust Online log-in box. All of the information needed to register can be found on your invoice. Once registered, payments can be made by paying the minimum payment, full balance or anything in between with a credit card or electronic check.

    Pay-As-You-Owe® (PAYO®)

    Workers’ compensation premium is based on payroll, so to make payments as seamless as possible, we offer our Pay-As-You-Owe (PAYO®) payment solution. PAYO® works with approved payroll companies to calculate premium payment on what is owed each pay period. The payroll company will issue monthly reports and premiums directly to AmTrust. Benefits include:

    • Improves cash flow since employer pays workers’ compensation with actual payroll
    • Reduces the chance of additional or return premium at audit
    • Simplifies employers’ work because payroll company handles payments and calculation

    Getting payroll companies approved is a simple process. To confirm that the payroll company has adequate information on their workers’ compensation report, AmTrust requests a copy of the report and information on how the company will submit the insured’s premium payment. To find out if a payroll company is approved or to submit a company for approval, please contact your sales representative.

    To learn more about PAYO® for agents, watch our video here. Or, to learn about policyholder benefits, watch our video here.

    Additional Ways to Pay

    If these payment options do not fit your needs, you can also pay by check, phone (credit card or electronic check) or by providing a monthly self report.

    To pay by phone, call our Customer Service Department at 877-528-7878  Monday through Thursday, between 8:00 AM - 8:00 PM EST and Friday between 8:00 AM - 7:00 PM EST.

    You can also pay by check or monthly self reporting. To pay by monthly self reporting you will need to fill out the Monthly Payroll Report sheet available from your sales representative. Submit checks and forms to the following addresses:

    For payments regarding direct bill installments, down payments, quotes, audits or claims:
    AmTrust North America
    P.O. Box 6939
    Cleveland, OH 44101-1939

    For payments and correspondence regarding MSA, agency billed, return commissions, PAYO® or premium finance:
    AmTrust North America
    P.O. Box 5849
    Cleveland, OH 44101-0849
    For overnight payments:
    AmTrust North America
    Attention: Accounts Receivable
    800 Superior Avenue E., 21st Floor
    Cleveland, OH 44114


    For Suppliers, download the Supplier Payment Form for instructions on enrolling in our Electronic Payment Program.

    For more information about our payment options, contact your sales representative or call 877-528-7878.

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