• Consumer Products

    We continue to set the standard for consumer profits with innovative programs designed to generate profits.
    Connect with Your Customers by Protecting What They Love

    The smart TV in the living room. Dad’s new tablet. Mom’s laptop. We all want to protect the products that are near and dear to us.

    For over 20 years, AmTrust Specialty Risk, a leading underwriter of extended service contracts – also known as extended warranties – along with accidental damage from handling plans, has been doing exactly that.

    Whether you make, sell or administer consumer products, AmTrust Specialty Risk can customize protection plans for the products your customers treasure most.
    We’ve Got You Covered

    AmTrust Specialty Risk creates protection plans for the following products:
    • Consumer Electronics
    • Jewelry
    • Eyewear
    • Furniture
    • Sporting Goods
    • Power Tools
    • Lawn & Garden Equipment
    Protecting Your Investment – and Theirs

    We work with consumer products manufacturers and administrators around the world to create coverages that help consumers overcome common purchase barriers, from the fear of expensive repairs to concerns about accidental damage. As one of the nation’s largest warranty writers, AmTrust Specialty Risk has been providing customized coverage solutions for more than two decades. Our underwriting, compliance and reinsurance expertise enable us to create protection plans that provide our partners and their customers with ongoing protection and real value.

    A Partner You Can Count On

    We’re part of AmTrust Financial Services, a multinational property and casualty insurance provider with an “A-“(Excellent) rating from A.M. Best. Our financial strength and stability means we will be here to support you and your customers today and well into the future.

    Innovative and adaptable, our team can adjust how we do business to meet the changing needs of you and your clients. We are flexible in structuring program financials to maximize your profits. Unlike other large warranty underwriters, insurance is our only business, so we are free to collaborate with any administrator, almost anywhere in the world. And you get a dedicated AmTrust Specialty Risk Account Manager to advise and guide you every step of the way. Whether your company serves a broad customer base or a niche market, we will work with you to create the industry’s best coverage solutions. Our goal? Maximizing protection and revenue while minimizing worry and risk.
    Connected Devices-Introducing TapSafe

    In today’s household, connected devices are about as common as sofas and coffee tables. This reality means exciting things for consumer electronics manufacturers, administrators and retailers.

    AmTrust Specialty Risk research shows that 74 percent of households have connected devices worth over $2,500 – and those numbers are only going to grow. Not only are consumer products evolving, but the way we’re protecting them is as well. With this in mind, AmTrust Specialty Risk introduced TapSafe™ , the smart connected warranty.

    With the easy-to-use TapSafe mobile app, consumers can detect and catalog all the connected devices in their homes, decide which ones they want to protect, purchase protection plans, get on-demand technical support and even file claims. All it takes is a connected device and an Internet connection.
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    ContactSpecialtyRisk@www.choushe23.icu to find out how you can help homeowners protect their smart products while generating steady revenue for your business.


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