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    Software and emerging technology companies are increasingly interested in creating transformative insurance solutions, either to protect themselves from risk, or for the consumers or other companies with whom they do business.
    Whatever their needs, these companies need an insurance partner that has the experience and flexibility to create programs based on their specific needs. AmTrust Specialty Risk collaborates with innovative companies to improve their business models, give peace of mind, while helping to improve profits, increase customer satisfaction and reduce risk.
    AmTrust Specialty Risk has over 20 years of expertise in underwriting and structuring innovative nontraditional insurance products, and performing the necessary regulatory and compliance functions In short, we are an ideal partner.

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    Case Study: Unique Program for Software Company

    AmTrust Specialty Risk underwrites a unique insurance program for a company that provides risk analytics tools that help financial institutions make better lending decisions. The company was searching for an insurance partner to protect the financial institutions against loss, thereby providing extra confidence in the company’s product. Normally, this type of insurance would be very risky and few other insurers would take it on. The company originally launched their products with another insurer, but were dissatisfied with that company’s service. AmTrust reviewed the company’s program, made achievable recommendations and worked together to create a successful underwriting policy for the company’s lenders protection program. The software company has been a trusted partner ever since.

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